Battery changing
The battery is replaced due to a special vacuum process. All watches have a certain water resistance, and since the back cover opens when replacing the battery, it is very important to ensure a tight factory closing of the cover. This is done using a special device that does not lead to problems with water resistance. Only high-quality Sony, Maxwell and / or Swiss Renata brand batteries are used in this process.   The duration of the service is 3-5 minutes
Watch bracelets shortening
Watch bracelets are shortened by a special Swiss tool from Bergeon brand. It provides save, scratchless procedure and helps to avoid external damages. This process is done immediately after bringing the watch, within 2 or 3 minutes. In case of bracelets with hard structure it may take 10 minutes. The service is free.
Watch strap changing
Watch strap replacement process is easy and fast. During the strap changing we may change the closure as well, with clients order. The process lasts for 3-5 minutes. The service is free.
FCM replacement
The FCM replacement service is applied only on watches from TI'ME store chain. FCM should be ordered in advance. While replacing the glass, the mechanism is removed, the broken glass is carefully removed, then it is cleaned of dust particles, after which a new glass is placed by a special vacuum process to avoid problems with water resistance. After installing the glass, a water resistance test is carried out to make sure that the watch is tight. The duration of this service is 1-2 business days, The cost will be provided at the service place.
Dial repairmen
The indicators are attached with a special cement glue, due to which there are no traces of glue, and the product remains in its original factory appearance. Work is done in thin rubber gloves to avoid fingerprints. Duration of this service is 10-15 minutes, with the exception of some models, which takes 1-2 business days. The service is free.
Movement drying
Watch and movement drying is carried out using special Swiss device from brand Bergeon. Due to hot air the whole mechanism is dried, dial, hands and indicator are cleaned as well. Then a water resistance test is carried out. If the result is negative, the back cover gasket changes, after which the watch is restored to its previous state. The service will take 1 business day.
Jewelry stones attachment
In our service center only round transparent stones 1-4 mm in size are available. The stones are attached with special glue to preserve its natural shine. For its attachment, only professional jewelry tools and devices are used. Duration takes 10-15 minutes. The service is free.