Gifting Policy. How to gift.

Gift Cards


Be aware that TI'ME store gift cards have some rules and regulations that have to be followed.  

Gift cards can be obtained that contain at least 100 GEL limits are set on how much money a gift card can hold. Gift cards are not considered as goods, and they cannot be returned for a refund. 

Gift cards must be used to purchase goods from Time, Pandora and G-SHOCK stores/kiosks. Any amount of money cannot be withdrawn from the gift cards. If an order exceeds the amount of the recipient's gift card, the difference must be paid with a credit card or other accepted payment method. 

All TI'ME gift cards will expire after a year from the moment of their purchase. Any amount of money that remains on the gift card and is unused will become the store's property after the gift card's expiration and will not be returned to the customer.

Also, you cannot purchase another gift card with your current one.

  Gift card purchases do not correlate with other sales and promotions.