Privacy Policy

privacy policy

Use of personal information

This message refers to the existing protection mechanisms of Time in connection with unauthorized access to personal data, by means of which the company ensures the protection of your personal data. The latter includes information that Timeless LLC receives from you during the period of service provision, which, in accordance with the legislation of Georgia, is further used for direct marketing purposes. The purpose of the message is to provide you with information about the principles of our work and the mechanisms of your legal protection when processing personal information.

Privacy Promise

We, the Time team, promise that:

• We will take care of the security and protection of your personal data;

• We will not use your data unlawfully;

• We will provide you with complete and complete information at any time in connection with the processing of your personal data.

When registering on the website (also when placing an order), with the familiarization and acceptance of the rules and conditions of the consumer posted on the site, you at the same time confirm that you agree with the privacy policy. You also acknowledge that the information provided is accurate and reliable. The provision of information was carried out at your own request and for this you have all the rights and grounds provided for by law.

If the client provides personal data, the company is authorized to store / process the specified data in order to offer novelty and special discounts, which, in accordance with the legislation and this agreement, are used only for the specified purpose (direct marketing) and the provision of services.

 You authorize Timeless LLC and declare your consent that our campaign, at its sole discretion and within the framework of the current legislation, to request and receive from any source at any time and in any amount information about you, including personal data, in order to familiarize them, verification, comparison, analysis, storage, direct marketing, as well as compliance with legal and / or contractual obligations. You also, if necessary, based on the above purposes, give your consent to LLC "Timeless" to transfer the processed / received data to third parties (including cookies). However, a strict privacy policy also applies to third parties.

Application policy of the so-called "Cookie" - files

By using our website, you expressly and unambiguously declare your consent to the processing, collection and transmission of your information using cookies and other similar technologies. Before using our website, we must obtain your consent to the use of cookies. Your continued use of our website will be considered as your consent to the use of cookies.

A "cookie" is a small amount of data sent from a web server to a user's personal computer, mobile phone, tablet or other electronic device and stored on that device's hard drive. He plays an important role for the community in the provision of various services. Along with many other payloads, it allows you to store and process information about the behavior of the user and his device, identify the user using the stored information, and improve the service offered.

Accordingly, the purpose of our website's use of cookies is to improve the service, make it easier for users to make online purchases and obtain website statistics.

Our website does not use cookies to collect personal information about users. However, some of the information processed may be personal information. The collected data is not passed on to third parties, except as provided in our Privacy Policy. In connection with this, please carefully read our policy for the processing and protection of personal data of users.

If you want to restrict the use of "cookies" - files or block them on our website, you can change your browser settings, for more information about this, see the browser function "options". For information on deleting cookies from the browser of technical devices, please refer to the user manual for the device. Please note that some of the services we offer will not work if you block or delete cookies.

Other terms and conditions

These terms and conditions are a binding agreement between you and Timeless -Time LLC (hereinafter the "company" or and govern your use of the delivery service from the website.

Personal information that is received from you or from third parties is processed in accordance with these rules in accordance with a certain privacy policy.

By agreeing to the terms and conditions of use of, you also agree to the privacy policy of time