About Fossil Brand

The Fossil brand is well known for its creative, innovative, yet serious looking designs. They strive to continually use innovation and design to create distinctive watches and accessories like no one else. With all of their made designs and warbles, the Fossil brand always tries to develop experiences for their customers that will make them feel something: a little happier and a little more connected. The brand is well known internationally; it was founded in the year 1984 by Tom Kartsotis. 

  Their watch designs are truly unique and incomparable to any other brand out there. They have created 420 styles from scratch, each one offering their unique attributes and design choices for the consumers. 

  Some of the other designs created by Fossil draw inspiration from the Mid-Century architecture with their handcrafted designs, highly detailed dials, and watch faces that will make you want to look at them frequently. On the other hand, their classical style watches, made from new materials and accents, make this timepiece stylish enough for formal occasions but are built to withstand everyday use quite easily. 

  This industrial-style inspired watch will always be right on time. 
Lastly, if you are looking for something special Fossil also offers many models that draw inspiration from various American cultures and settings. In numerous cases, the various teams of designers were even sent on a field trip to different locations in order to draw inspiration. That is how dedicated Fossil is to delivering a product to its customers that will definitely make a lasting impact.

Fossil brand provides 2 year warranty on watch mechanisms and 6 months warranty for battery. Warranty does not work in case of external damages.

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